ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint v1.6.1.107 Full Serial [Mediafire Software]

ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint v1.6.1.107 Full Serial [Mediafire Software]
 ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint v1.6.1.107 Full Serial [Mediafire Software]
ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint is a great program for kids! It will help your dear children to draw and generally show their creativity and imagination. ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint provides users with a variety of tools, including pencil, crayon, watercolor brush, and eraser with adjustable size. PhotoStudio Paint provides comprehensive drawing tools including pencil, caryon, water paint brush, paint bucket and eraser with adjustable size for creating drawing. Vivid Image Brush helps to create a swirling chain-like effect with more than 20 templates and texture brush allows applying different texture to your artwork.

Outline interactive templates let kids express themselves by filling the graphics with colors while Dot-to-Dot templates help kids learn letters and numbers by connecting the dots to complete the image.

PhotoStudio Paint
Choose from a multitude of cool and attractive content and clip art
Interactive templates allow for easy creation of fun paintings and drawings
Record and playback functions track each project from start to end
Touch/Multi-Touch devices are supported for finger sketching share your artwork masterpiece on the online PhotoStudio Paint Community

Key Features
-Various drawing and painting tools provided, including brush, pencil, crayon, paint bucket and so on
-Vivid Image Brush works as a customized stamp; copy-paste a selected area onto different images
-Texture Bucket for applying selected texture to an area
-Touch and multi-touch support allows kids to apply tools as if on a real canvas
-Outline templates for kids to fill in colors
-Dot-to-Dot templates for kids to complete an image
-Moveable and resizable clipart Record and playback functions for tracking the moves
-Dynamic audio effects makes the experience more fun
-Share the artwork on PhotoStudio Paint Community

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