Dead Mountaineers Hotel-TiNYiSO [Mediafire PC game]

Dead Mountaineers Hotel-TiNYiSO [Mediafire PC game]
Dead Mountaineers Hotel-TiNYiSO [Mediafire PC game]
Playing as a vacationing police detective traveling through a snowy mountain range, you are caught in an avalanche and seek shelter at a remote inn – Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel. Upon your arrival everything appears normal. You meet the other hotel guests, talk about the stormy weather, have a drink, and take in the beautiful scenery… Quite unexpectedly, you are thrust into the heart of a compelling mystery that turns into an intricate and bizarre murder investigation. Strange and mystical events have been occurring at the hotel over the last few days leading up to the shocking murder. Each and every hotel guest becomes a criminal suspect. You must find the murderer and discover who, or what, is behind the disturbing incidences at the hotel. Reveal terrible secrets throughout your investigation and uncover the astounding truth behind Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel. 5 different endings controlled by the player’s actions, decisions and behavior.

  • Engaging storyline, with a non-linear plot that lets you make your
  • Over 120 gorgeous, pre-rendered locations
  • More than 15 3D character models featuring real-time shadows, each with
    their own original stories and unique personalities
  • AI simulation for all inhabitants of the gameworld to track their
    movements at all the times
  • Proprietary engine specifically developed for adventure games
  • 15 hours of intriguing gameplay

Additional Notes:
Be sure to accept to install the codecs, otherwise game has no mouse cursor and videos wont work.

Download | 1.7 GB
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