Direct Hit Missile War v1.7.2826 multi3 full-THETA [Mediafire PC game]

Direct Hit Missile War v1.7.2826 multi3 full-THETA [Mediafire PC game]
Direct Hit Missile War v1.7.2826 multi3 full-THETA [Mediafire PC game]
Far in the future the colonizing of deep space is at the peak of its popularity. Humanity moves into deep unexplored space. People colonize planets rich in resources, with normal atmosphere and a warm climate. The flourishing of human culture! The celebration of its power and greatness! The Government of the Earth Federation is unable to sponsor all of the expedition, so it was decided to initiate isolated planetary missile wars. Victory in an isolated planetary war gave the right to possess the whole planet, with all its rights on the extraction of resources and income from the planet. After war The Government of the Earth Federation charged a good tax from a planet. This war has been profitable to government, corporation planet owner and syndicates claiming rights to the planets. Among all corporations participants were chosen by a lot, only two companies take place in planet war. They have sent dropships with colonists and begin an isolated planet war. Further involvement of companies in the life of the colony is prohibited. Now corporations can only monitor the progress of the fighting and wait for the end of war. The Planet is not blocked from trading on the space market, free trade is allowed. Trade with missile parts is illegal but colony can trade by its own risk.

- Unique strategy gameplay system
- Classic RTS
- 7 stages (14 missions)
- 5 tech levels
- Over 30 types of missile parts


System Requirement
Minimum System Requirements :
Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista
2 GHz Processor
2 GB Available System Memory
GeForce 6600 or higher Video Card
200 MB Available Hard Drive Space

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