|Mediafire| Bejawada Telugu (2011) DVDScr Full Movie Download 700MB

Bejawada Telugu (2011) DVDScr Full Movie Download 700MB
Bejawada Telugu (2011) DVDScr Full Movie Download 700MB

The Bejawada is ruled by Khali (Prabhu), who runs a parallel government in the town. His younger brother Shankar (Abhimanyu Singh) is power thirsty and is jealous about Vijay Krisha (Mukul Dev), who is a close aide to Khali. Out of desperation to be the ruler, Shankar eliminates his brother and lock horns with Vijay Krishna. Shankar successfully kills Vijay Krishna and the latter’s younger brother Shiva (Naga Chaitanya) avenges his brother’s death. How Shiva kills Shankar and wipes out his empire forms rest of the story. Analysis:
Like it was publicized Bejawada is not a realistic look on the history nor does it bear any references to what ‘actually’ happened. Looks like the filmmakers tried to cash in on the ‘curious factor’ that is associated with Bejawada rowdy-ism. This is a routine revenge drama where two groups fight for the upper hand.Obviously good wins over evil! So there needs to be a tight and arresting screenplay for such films to keep the audience interested. Unfortunately, Bejawada lacks the bite! It is a very dull film with poor screenplay. Everything goes as per the audience predictions. It also ends on a predictable note.
First half is mainly focused on the gang politics in which hero is left in the background. He comes to the front in the second hour, but a poor script lets the film down. One would expect a tense thriller out of this concept. But the director’s inability to highlight the emotions seems to be the biggest drawback of the film.Second hour is sheer test of patience and it would be an almost impossible task to sit through it. It may appeal to people who look for excessive violence in a film. Performances:Naga Chaitanya didn’t suit the role. He is good in portraying romantic characters. He needs some time to take up such high voltage films. His costumes and looks are good. He should focus on his diction as soon as possible. It is the main drawback for him as an actor at present.Amala Paul has good looks but her role is half baked. Abhimanyu Singh is menacing as the bad boy. Prabhu and Mukul Dev are alright. Ajay, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others did their bit. Brahmanandam is wasted. Technicalities:Music is composed by almost half a dozen people. The output is mediocre. None of the songs really made any impact and the background score is too loud. Cinematography is bad. The camera angles and the technique used will let us down. Editing is jerky and unconvincing. There are many jump cuts and irrelevant opening and closings of the scenes. Production values are of low standard. The film is made on a shoe string budget.Director Vivek Krishna tried to ape Ram Gopal Varma in terms of storytelling and camera angles. His output is not up to the mark. He didn’t do justice to any of the emotions. Be it agony, romance or comedy. When the director doesn’t want to highlight any of the historical facts, then why did he opt for Vijayawada rowdy-ism backdrop is a million dollars question. Final Word:Bejawada may appeal to mass audience that look for some action and violence. People who expect a sensible or a sensational film from RGV’s camp will be terribly disappointedGen-X actor Naga Chaitanya, while trying to break away from his lover-boy image and establish himself as angry-young man has landed in another disappointing flick after the damp squib Dhada.Perhaps the scion of Akkineni needs to find the right script for the makeover as this one certainly hasn’t worked. It is lacking in originality, has pedestrian performances and is a poor rehash of Nagarjuna’s Shiva.Bejawada was touted to be a story that would realistically depict the rivalry between two warring groups in Vijayawada in the 80′s and 90′s.Producer Ram Gopal Varma tried to whip up emotions by naming the film Bejawada Rowdilu that evoked a few protests, to which he relented by dropping Rowdilu. But this gimmick did not work and was let down by his protégé and director, Vivek, whose amateurish screenplay, dialogues and novice editing leaves audience in despair.Naga Chaitanya has put on some muscle and shows his fiery side, whereas debutant Amala Paul’s emotive skills lack finesse. Baddy Abhimanyu Singh, who showed lot of promise in Raktha Charitra I, comes out trite in this flick.Director begins the film with a scene in the Sarkar mode, but doesn’t have the skill to sustain the mood.Actor Prabhu is the undisputed underworld don of Vijayawada and relies on his lieutenant (Mukul Dev) to rule the city. Prabhu’s brother is Abimanyu. While Naga Chaitanya is Mukul Dev’s brother. Prabu is killed by his rivals and Singh spreads the rumour that Mu-kul killed him.When Mukul is attacked, Naga Chaitanya steps in and begins erasing baddies.Many ingredients in the film are reminiscent of his dad’s blockbuster, but are certainly lacking in punch.

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Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2071418/
Release Date: 1 December 2011
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Stars: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Amala Paul and Prabhu
Quality: DVDScr Rip
Size:700 MB
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