WinZip Pro v16.0 Build 9715 Full Keygen [Mediafire Software]

WinZip Pro v16.0 Build 9715 Full Keygen [Mediafire Software]
WinZip Pro v16.0 Build 9715 Full Keygen [Mediafire Software]
WinZip is the world’s most popular file compression software with over 20 years experience as the leader in the file compression industry. No other file compression utility offers such an innovative and easy-to-use feature set! Save time, conserve space, and improve productivity with WinZip!

Introducing WinZip 16
WinZip is proud to announce our latest release, WinZip 16.0! In addition to cutting-edge compression, encryption, and archiving capabilities, WinZip 16.0 includes the following NEW capabilities:

    Avoid email size limits and send up to 2GB, hassle-free
    Upload and post any type of file directly to Facebook
    Tap into your computer's full zipping power with our new 64-bit zip engine
    Zip and write files directly to Blu-ray Disc
    Enjoy greater flexibility with support for additional compressed file formats
    Scan your system for PC performance issues with just one click

ZipSend and WinZip
WinZip 16.0 introduces integration with ZipSend, our brand new file delivery web service!

Need to send large files fast? ZipSend boosts WinZip's file sharing power and virtually eliminates size constraints from your daily file sharing tasks! Now you can zip and send up to 2GB without worrying about bounced messages or clogged email systems!

NEW!WinZip's seamless integration with ZipSend means that when you attempt to zip and send particularly large files using WinZip's file sharing tools, WinZip will automatically perform the following steps, behind the scenes:

    WinZip separates the zipped attachment from your message and uploads it to the ZipSend cloud.
    ZipSend pastes a unique URL directly into your message before delivering it. This URL is linked to your uploaded files in the ZipSend cloud.
    Upon opening your message, your recipient simply clicks on the hyperlink to download the zipped package!

NEW!WinZip automatically stores your current session's ZipSend login information so that your workflow remains uninterrupted.

NEW!Easy-to-use preferences allow you to customize how ZipSend is applied (automatically for all email attachments, automatically based on a specific file size threshold, or manually by clicking the ZipSend button).

WinZip and ZipShare
WinZip 16.0 introduces one-click access to ZipShare, our brand new Facebook service!

Want to share more with friends and family? Free yourself from Facebook's size restrictions and file format limitations! Now you can zip and post any file/folder (up to 20MB) directly to Facebook.

NEW! Seamless integration with ZipShare means that you can upload and post Zip files to Facebook directly from the WinZip window.

    After creating/opening a Zip file, click the ZipShare button.
    Following the prompts, select where on Facebook you would like to share your file. You can also create a new Facebook status message to accompany your post.
    Let ZipShare and WinZip do the rest! ZipShare uploads your file and creates an accompanying hyperlink that is automatically posted to Facebook for instant downloading!

Full Zip Engine Upgrade
WinZip 16.0 has been upgraded with a brand new 64-bit zip engine!

NEW! Powerful 64-bit zip engine takes full advantage of your system for maximum zipping power and speed

Additional File Format Support
WinZip 16.0 provides more flexibility with enhanced support for compressed file formats besides Zip and Zipx!

NEW! Enhanced preview tools allow you to browse and edit the contents of other major compressed file types (7Z, RAR, etc.) without having to extract the files first.

NEW! File conversion capabilities let you convert other major compressed file types into Zip format.

WinZip and Blu-ray
WinZip 16.0 lets you zip and store even more with extended media support!

NEW! Extended media support allows you to zip and write files to Blu-ray Disc for maximum storage capacity

WinZip System Scanner
Worried about slow PC performance? WinZip now includes a built-in diagnostic tool that will scan your computer system for possible performance issues.

NEW!Easy-to-use WinZip System Scanner scans your PC to diagnose disk performance, space usage, and Windows registry-related issues.

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